Fast and Standardized Skin Grafting of Leg Wounds With a New Technique

Report of 2 Cases and Review of Previous Methods

Nils Hamnerius, MD; Ewa Wallin, RN; Åke Svensson, MD, PhD; Pernilla Stenström, MD, PhD; Tor Svensjö, MD, PhD


ePlasty. 2016;16 

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Two patients, an 85-year-old woman with an acute, traumatic wound on the lower leg and a 54-year-old woman with a recurrent venous leg ulcer, were treated. Informed consent was obtained from both patients. The venous ulcer was included under a human study protocol approved by the regional ethical review board in Lund ( The patient with the acute wound arrived at the emergency department during a weekend and requested an immediate transplant procedure that could only be offered with the aid of the Xpansion MicroAutografting Kit, "Xpansion."