Physician Compensation Poll: What Do You Think You SHOULD Earn?

The Highest-Paying Job in America Is Not High Enough for Some

Medscape's Physician Compensation Report 2016 revealed the average salary/income of physicians in 26 specialties. Most bring home a high income. Earnings range from an average of $204,000 for pediatricians to $443,000 for orthopedists (including orthopedic surgeons).

In fact, physician tops the list of the highest-paying jobs in America (followed by lawyer, research and development manager, and software development manager), according to Glassdoor,[1] a national jobs and recruiting site based in Mill Valley, California.

In Medscape's survey report, dermatologists (66%), pathologists (63%), and emergency medicine physicians (60%) led the pack in feeling fairly compensated, in sharp contrast to urologists (42%), allergists (43%), and endocrinologists (42%).

Of note, in the two highest-earning specialties, orthopedics (44%) and cardiology (48%), less than half of the respondents were satisfied with their compensation.

What adds to satisfaction? Many physicians appreciate the sense that they're in control of their day or their decisions; the degree to which they can take sufficient time with their patient encounters and don't have to rush to hit productivity targets; the feeling that many patients appreciate their attention and efforts; the sense that they're not overwhelmed by EHRs and paperwork/administration, and other subjective issues. How do you feel?


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