One-year Outcomes and Predictors of Mortality After MitraClip Therapy in Contemporary Clinical Practice: Results From the German Transcatheter Mitral Valve Interventions Registry

Miriam Puls; Edith Lubos; Peter Boekstegers; Ralph Stephan von Bardeleben; Taoufik Ouarrak; Christian Butter; Christine S. Zuern; Raffi Bekeredjian; Horst Sievert; Georg Nickenig; Holger Eggebrecht; Jochen Senges; Wolfgang Schillinger


Eur Heart J. 2016;37(8):703-712. 

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Treatment of significant MR with MitraClip is efficacious and results in significant clinical improvements in a high proportion of TRAMI patients after 12 months. In the TRAMI cohort, the failure of procedural success exhibited the highest hazard ratio concerning the prediction of 1-year mortality. However, randomized studies to verify the efficacy of MitraClip therapy and prospective studies to define anatomical criteria that allow a better prediction of procedural success are still required.