Effects of Selected Bioactive Food Compounds on Human White Adipocyte Function

Christel Björk; Uta Wilhelm; Susanne Mandrup; Bjørk Ditlev Larsen; Alessandra Bordoni; Per Hedén; Mikael Rydén; Peter Arner; Jurga Laurencikiene


Nutr Metab. 2016;13(4) 

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Our systematic assessment of DHA, AC and PI, either alone or in combination with DHA, indicate a beneficial role on human fat cell function. The selected compounds decreased basal lipolytic activity and secretion of inflammatory markers in human fat cells which might explain some of the reported health benefits induced by bioactive compound-containing diets in humans, including reduced insulin resistance, hypertension and dyslipidemia.[21,42,55] To further elucidate this question, our in vitro results will be used to identify specific biomarkers to be measured in volunteers recruited in a clinical intervention study within the PATHWAY-27 project.