Radiological Case: Rare Case of Benign Epidermal Inclusion Cyst Mimicking Malignancy

Caitlin Martin, MS; Tatyana Bombard, DO; Melinda Coker, MD; Eugenia Payne, MD; Mari Lorene Yoxtheimer, MD; Haitham Elsamaloty, MD


Appl Radiol. 2016;45(2):34-36. 

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Case Summary

This case presents a 42-year-old female complaining of right nipple swelling, palpable mass, and non-bloody nipple discharge. The patient reported a history of bilateral breast reduction and no family history of breast cancer. The subareolar location of the patient's swelling and mass complicated diagnosis by limiting physical exam. Diagnostic mammogram revealed a 3.8 cm mass with macrolobulated and partially obscured borders. Ultrasound demonstrated a solid ovoid mass. Radiologic imaging of this breast lesion could not exclude malignancy, resulting in BI-RADS 4a classification. Given the suspicious features of this lesion and the clinical context, subsequent fine needle aspiration was performed and showed squamous epithelium with abundant basket weave keratin.