Autoethnography and Severe Perineal Trauma

An Unexpected Journey From Disembodiment to Embodiment

Holly S. Priddis


BMC Womens Health. 2015;15(88) 

In This Article


The journey as an autoethnographer is both a gift and a curse as the challenges that are faced by the researcher, as they reflect on their culturally constructed and protected self, can be both therapeutic and damaging. The sharing of my story with the participants not only facilitated the research, but resulted in a 'transformation' through disembodiment to embodiment. While my experience has not been an easy one, in preparing this paper I realised that the hardships have been eased somewhat by the opportunity to disseminate my research with the hopes of bringing about change for women who sustain SPT and postpartum morbidities. This paper goes further as it also describes and hopefully, assists, other autoethnographers grapple more safely with the notes and gifts of using this methodology.