Comparing the Quality of Pro- and Anti-vaccination Online Information

A Content Analysis of Vaccination-Related Webpages

Gabriele Sak; Nicola Diviani; Ahmed Allam; Peter J. Schulz


BMC Public Health. 2016;16(38) 

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An evaluating instrument has been designed for assessing the quality of vaccination webpages. Pro-vaccination webpages on average yielded better results than the anti-vaccination subset in term of design, interactivity, and health information quality, but not on the specific degree of inclusion of common and relevant vaccination themes. This content analysis alarmingly showed that reading levels of online vaccination information are moderately high, thus disrespecting the recommended viable levels emanated by numerous public health organizations. This negative and significant trend confirms, perhaps, one of the most evident shortcomings attributed to the "hyperlinked" World Wide Web when accessing health information.