The Acceptability and Cost of a Home-based Chlamydia Retesting Strategy

Findings From the REACT Randomised Controlled Trial

K. S. Smith; J. M. Kaldor; J. S. Hocking; M. S. Jamil; A. M. McNulty; P. Read; C. S. Bradshaw; M. Y. Chen; C. K. Fairley; H. Wand; K. Worthington; S. Blake; V. Knight; W. Rawlinson; M. Saville; S. N. Tabrizi; S. M. Garland; B. Donovan; R. Guy


BMC Public Health. 2016;16(83) 

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In conclusion, the study has shown that in the sexual health clinic setting, a multi-faceted intervention previously shown to be effective at increasing retesting rates, was also acceptable to patients, and cost-efficient. However some clients prefer clinic-based testing, often due to confidentiality concerns in their home environment. Both options should be provided to maximise retesting rates.