Multiple Trigger Points for Quantifying Heat-health Impacts: New Evidence From a Hot Climate

Diana B. Petitti; David M. Hondula; Shuo Yang; Sharon L. Harlan; Gerardo Chowell


Environ Health Perspect. 2016;124(2):176-183. 

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In summary, this study found strong and consistent associations of environmental temperature with all-cause mortality, CVD mortality, heat-related mortality, hospitalization, and ED visits and with a category of conditions considered possible consequences of heat or dehydration based on pathophysiologic reasoning. Consideration of different health events and various conceptualizations of threshold temperatures revealed large contrasts in the trigger points at which activation of different heat intervention efforts might be appropriate. Plans to mitigate the effects of high environmental heat on human health that incorporate different levels of sensitivity for determining the most effective adaptation strategies and when to deploy them might have important benefits in terms of illnesses and deaths avoided.