Influence of Obesity on Vertebral Fracture Prevalence and Vitamin D Status in Postmenopausal Women

A. El Maghraoui; S. Sadni; A. El Maataoui; A. Majjad; A. Rezqi; Z. Ouzzif; A. Mounach


Nutr Metab. 2015;12(44) 

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In a large sample of Moroccan postmenopausal ambulatory women aged 50 years and over, we found that 18 % of asymptomatic women show evidence of moderate/severe VFs and that these VFs were significantly related to age and hypovitaminosis D. We also found that obese women had a higher BMD and lower prevalence of VFs. However, the prevalence of VFs in obese women was similar to non obese women in those with osteoporosis.