Impact of Subspecialty Fellowship Training on Research Productivity Among Academic Plastic Surgery Faculty in the United States

Aditya Sood, MD, MBA; Paul J. Therattil, MD; Stella Chung, BA; Edward S. Lee, MD


ePlasty. 2015;15 

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h-index offers a quantifiable and objective alternative to other metrics when evaluating research productivity and academic advancement. This metric appears to be highly associated with subspecialty fellowship training within the field of plastic surgery in the United States. Plastic surgery faculty with a research fellowship or at least 2 subspecialty fellowships demonstrated increased academic productivity compared with their colleagues (P < .05). Craniofacial-trained physicians also demonstrated a higher h-index than multiple other trainings. In this study, we show that the type and number of fellowships influence the h-index and further identification of such variables may help improve academic mentorship and productivity within academic plastic surgery.