Epidermal Necrolysis: 60 Years of Errors and Advances

Y.K. Heng; H.Y. Lee; J.-C. Roujeau


The British Journal of Dermatology. 2015;173(5):1250-1254. 

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Roujeau et al. wrote in their 1990 review that '20–30% mortality rates are associated with TEN, while the prognosis for SJS is good'.[9] This is now known to be inaccurate. A large cohort study of 379 cases reported mortality rates at hospital discharge of 13%, 21% and 39% for SJS, SJS/TEN overlap and TEN, respectively.[14] A more recent cohort study of 460 cases reported that mortality rates at 6 weeks after onset of EN were 12%, 29% and 46% for SJS, SJS/TEN overlap and TEN, respectively.[15] These figures show that SJS has a significant mortality rate and that TEN is even more lethal than previously estimated.