Your First Job: What to Watch Out For

Leigh Page


September 21, 2016

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Your New Life Is About to Begin

When you're a senior resident or fellow about to enter your first "real" job, you have every right to feel nervous.

You've been functioning as a learner until now, and now you'll be expected to be a leader. When a critical clinical decision is being made, all eyes in the room will turn to you. Are you ready?

Final-year residents are intensely recruited for their first job after training, but most of them do not feel prepared for the nonclinical side of the work, according to a recent survey[1] by Merritt Hawkins, a Texas-based recruitment firm.

Almost two thirds of these residents had been approached by recruiters 51 times or more, and almost half 100 times or more. But 39% said that they are unprepared to handle the "business side" of medicine, and only 10% said that they are very prepared for it, the survey found.

"Medical residents about to enter their first practice face a tumultuous professional environment rife with challenges," Merritt Hawkins reported. "However, they also are entering the job market in a period of robust opportunity, as a pervasive physician shortage allows them to choose from a wide range of practice options."

Here are a few pointers that can put you on the right track as you begin your career.


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