Efficacy and Safety of Iota-Carrageenan Nasal Spray Versus Placebo in Early Treatment of the Common Cold in Adults

The ICICC Trial

R. Eccles; B. Winther; S.L. Johnston; P. Robinson; M. Trampisch; S. Koelsch


Respiratory Research. 2015;16(121) 

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Although the ICICC study failed to reach statistically significant outcomes for the primary and secondary endpoints, strong trends favouring treatment effect of I-C were observed. The primary and secondary endpoints consistently tended to be improved in the I-C spray group compared to the placebo group, with clinically relevant effect sizes, even though the population included patients with low baseline scores. Several rational and important exploratory analyses led to statistically significant and clinically relevant outcome differences. Unfortunately, the relatively low numbers of subjects with demonstrated viral infection limited study conclusions. Nonetheless, the outcome of the ICICC study is supported by previous evidence of I-C's in vitro antiviral activity and symptom and viral reduction in prior cold studies. The ICICC trial's outcome supports I-C spray as representing a potentially useful treatment option for the common cold. Trial results show it to be safe, well-tolerated, and minimally invasive, as well as suggesting efficacy.