Metabolic Syndrome and Prostate Cancer Risk in a Population-Based Case–Control Study in Montreal, Canada

Audrey Blanc-Lapierre; Andrea Spence; Pierre I. Karakiewicz; Armen Aprikian; Fred Saad; Marie-Élise Parent


BMC Public Health. 2015;15(913) 

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Our findings provide evidence for a negative association between a history of MetS and PCa risk in a population regularly screened for PCa.

These findings can be interpreted in two ways. First, while it likely had a marginal influence on our results, under-detection of PCa among MetS patients remains possible. This issue should be addressed in future epidemiological studies. Second, a synergistic interaction between metabolic factors can be at play, with diabetes and dyslipidemia as main actors.

Large studies including repeated biological measurements over time are required to confirm the role of timing at MetS onset on PCa development.