Obesity—A Disease With Many Aetiologies Disguised in the Same Oversized Phenotype

Has the Overeating Theory Failed?

Peter Stenvinkel


Nephrol Dial Transplant. 2015;30(10):1656-1664. 

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Hyperuricaemia—A Link Between Fructose and Fat Mass Accumulation

Fructose-mediated generation of uric acid promotes obesity, fatty liver and insulin resistance.[46] Elevated levels of uric acid induce mitochondrial oxidative stress,[47] and hyperuricaemia may precede obesity, insulin resistance, hypertension, NAFLD and inflammation.[46] As studies suggest that lowering of uric acid has beneficial effects on the metabolic syndrome,[48] lowering of uric acid may decrease insulin resistance and the risk of obesity.[46] Beside fructose, purine-rich food (meat and seafood), beer and alcohol also increase levels of uric acid. Dairy products, on the other hand, decrease levels of uric acid due to the formation of lactalbumin and casein, which have a uricosuric effect.[49] Longitudinal studies that investigate whether low-fructose and low-purine diets reduce weight and decrease cardiovascular risk should be encouraged.