Multiple Intracardiac Masses: Myxoma, Thrombus or Metastasis: A Case Report

Wei-Chieh Lee; Min-Ping Huang; Morgan Fu


J Med Case Reports. 2015;9(179) 

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We share our experiences regarding an atypical picture of RA myxoma, which was located in the RA lateral wall with extension to the RA auricle at the junction among the SVC, RA and IVC. Initially, clinical presentation was arrhythmia as atrial flutter and decompensated heart failure. This myxoma was also accompanied by two LV thrombi and pulmonary thromboembolism. Although high tumor markers, LDH and uric acid levels suggested a possibly secondary malignancy diagnosis. The most common mass was thrombus. In our case, the LV thrombi and pulmonary thromboembolism were resolved by heparinization. Whether the intracardiac mass is benign or malignant, we recommend surgery due to the possibilities of systemic or pulmonary massive embolism, infection, arrhythmia and sudden death if the thrombus ruptures or the mass dislodges.