Appropriateness of Oral Drugs for Long-term Treatment of Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms in Older Persons

Results of a Systematic Literature Review and International Consensus Validation Process (LUTS-FORTA 2014)

Matthias Oelke; Klaus Becher; David Castro-Diaz; Emmanuel Chartier-Kastler; Mike Kirby; Adrianwagg; Martinwehling


Age Ageing. 2015;44(5):745-755. 

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Drugs commonly used in urology for the treatment of LUTS differ widely in terms of appropriateness for the older population. From this analysis, based on yet sparse clinical evidence, it appears that beneficial drugs are only available in the classes 5α-reductase inhibitors (dutasteride, finasteride) and antimuscarinics (fesoterodine), whereas the use of the majority of drugs for LUTS may be problematic or should be avoided in older people.