Diabetes Associated With Pancreatic Diseases

Juris J. Meier; Arnd Giese


Curr Opin Gastroenterol. 2015;31(5):400-406. 

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Although diabetes typically occurs late in the clinical course of chronic pancreatitis, new-onset hyperglycemia can be an early signal of pancreatic cancer. The etiology of pancreaticogenic diabetes seems to be heterogeneous, with insulin deficiency playing a significant role. The tight association between pancreatic diseases and diabetes suggests that more rigorous diagnostic screening tools (e.g. OGTTs once per year) should be implemented. Furthermore, no generally accepted consensus exists regarding the treatment of diabetes in patients with pancreatic diseases, which is largely because of the lack of clinical trials in such patients. Therefore, at present, the treatment of diabetes secondary to pancreatic disorders remains an individual decision that largely relies on experience and expert opinion. It is hoped that future studies will specifically include patients with pancreaticogenic diabetes to better address the therapeutic needs of such patients.