Adjuvant Chemo-radiotherapy in the "Sandwich" Method for High Risk Endometrial Cancer

A Review of Literature

Yachun Bie; Zhenyu Zhang; Xiaolan Wang


BMC Womens Health. 2015;15(50) 

In This Article


Background: Endometrial cancer is a common female malignancy. Patients with high-risk endometrial cancer have relatively high incidence of metastasis and recurrence. Despite complete resection, patients with stage III or IV are at high risk of local or distant recurrence. Systemic adjuvant treatment includes chemotherapy and radiotherapy. But the optimal scheduling is not known. Recently proposed sequential chemo-radiotherapy as sandwich therapy for high risk endometrial cancer have yielded encouraging results. This article is to review the adjuvant chemo-radiotherapy in the "sandwich" method for high risk endometrial cancer to help clinicians identify the most effective adjuvant treatment for patients with high risks of it.

Methods: We used MEDLINE, EMBASE, Cochrane Library and CBM databases to search the literature.

Results A systematic review was made. And most data showed "sandwich" therapy is feasible, efficacious, well-tolerated and resulted in excellent long-term progression free and overall survival in the setting of advanced endometrial cancer.

Conclusion: Randomized trials are necessary to compare chemo-radio therapy given in the "sandwich" fashion to other means of sequencing these treatment modalities. It is also necessary to define which population is best suited for "sandwich" adjuvant therapy.