Endoscopic Approaches to Gastroparesis

Renato V. Soares and Lee L. Swanstrom


Curr Opin Gastroenterol. 2015;31(5):368-373. 

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Gastroparesis can be a severe and debilitating disease, with serious impact on patients' quality of life and even survival. The disease represents a significant burden to the healthcare system and the number of affected patients is increasing. Medical treatments available can effectively control symptoms in patients with mild disease. To date, the role of surgical and endoscopic procedures has not been fully evaluated – but it seems underestimated, especially in patients with advanced gastric failure.

With encouraging initial results of the POP procedure, it may be possible that more centers will start adopting this minimally invasive technique. Thus far, the use of the POP procedure is mostly done under investigation protocol, performed by endoscopists with experience in advanced operative endoscopy. Future prospective studies with larger number of patients will help elucidate the long-term outcomes and the best role of the entire spectrum of techniques in the treatment of gastroparesis. For now, we present our center's treatment algorithm including current introduction of endoscopic approaches in hopes of aiding clinicians in the care of this difficult patient population.