Is There Sex After Low Back Pain?

Jenni Laidman


August 26, 2015

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What If Back Pain Is Worsened by Movement?

The study on women also investigated coital positions to avoid if LBP is exacerbated by movement.[4] In that event, the most tolerated position is the missionary position with the man supporting his upper body with his elbows and the woman flexed at the hips and knees, followed by the missionary position in which the man is supporting his upper body with his hands and the woman is minimally flexed at the hips and knees; then the side-lying position, and finally, the quadruped position in which the woman supports her upper body with her hands, with the man kneeling behind her. The quadruped position in which the woman supports her upper body with her elbows, with the man kneeling behind her, is the least comfortable if movement makes LBP worse.

"Contrary to popular belief before this work, doctors cannot recommend one position for all patients with low back pain," Sidorkewicz said. Still, she wrote, "any position can be made more spine-sparing by having the partner [who is] controlling the movement use their hips and knees more than their spine and having the partner [who is] not controlling the movement maintain a more neutral spine position, by keeping a natural curve in their spine if they are on their hands and knees or placing a rolled-up towel underneath the natural curve if they are lying on their back."

"Although this is only the beginning of research in this area," Sidorkewicz added, "it is our hope that providing doctors with recommendations for their patients, qualified with empirical data, will not only substantiate their clinical advice but also facilitate dialogue between doctors and their patients."


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