Spinal Ependymomas. Part 1: Intramedullary Ependymomas

Jörg Klekamp, MD


Neurosurg Focus. 2015;39(2):e6 

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Intramedullary ependymomas are tumors to be treated surgically. A GTR indicates cure for the overwhelming majority of patients. GTR rates above 90% represent the state of the art but require considerable experience. Rates for permanent surgical morbidity and neuropathic pain syndromes, however, are the highest among all intramedullary tumor types and affect a significant proportion of patients. This study found considerably better treatment results for cervical tumors compared with thoracic levels, which were also associated with more severe preoperative neurological deficits. Morbidity rates can be kept to a minimum by performing surgery early before severe neurological deficits have developed.