Influence of Weather and Atmospheric Pollution on Physical Activity in Patients With COPD

Ayedh D. Alahmari; Alex J. Mackay; Anant R.C. Patel; Beverly S. Kowlessar; Richa Singh; Simon E. Brill; James P. Allinson; Jadwiga A. Wedzicha; Gavin C. Donaldson


Respiratory Research. 2015;16(71) 

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There are a number of important implications to this work. Patients with COPD should be encouraged to increase physical activity as pulmonary rehabilitation reduces breathlessness, improves quality of life and exercise tolerance. Inactivity is greatest during cold weather and perhaps pulmonary rehabilitation programmes should be targeted in the winter to limit this inactivity. Activity is also reduced at weekends and patient education should encourage patients to maintain activity on these days. This study provides evidence of an effect on the daily activity of COPD patients of atmospheric pollution at higher levels and public health schemes to reduce levels of atmospheric pollution should be further encouraged.