Malcolm Gladwell on Telling the Story of Medicine


August 04, 2015

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Editor's Note: In this excerpt of a recent One-on-One interview, Malcolm Gladwell explains to Medscape Editor-in-Chief Eric Topol, MD, his approach to telling the story of medicine.

"One thing that has always motivated me in writing about healthcare is that the world of healthcare does a very bad job of storytelling about itself," Mr Gladwell said.

"The gap between the reality of medicine and the way the public thinks about medicine is growing, not shrinking," he continued.

"I recently gave a talk at the California Medical Association in Los Angeles. ...What is so striking when you talk to ordinary, front-line doctors is how frustrated and unhappy they are in the present day with the way that their workloads have shifted, how their status in society has changed, and the way that electronic medical records have been conceived and pushed on them so that their own interests are last. That is a classic storytelling problem."


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