Outpatient Thoracoscopy: Safety and Practical Considerations

Ryan M. Kern; Zachary S. DePew; Fabien Maldonado


Curr Opin Pulm Med. 2015;21(4):357-362. 

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In summary, medical thoracoscopy represents an important tool for the diagnosis and management of pleural disease. As healthcare costs continue to rise, it is important to consider the safety and practicality of performing procedures on an outpatient basis. There is already a precedent for performing selected thoracic surgical procedures in the ambulatory setting. There are currently at least 26 interventional pulmonology training programs in the United States. With this rapid increase in the training of interventional pulmonary specialists, we can expect that medical thoracoscopy will become a more commonly employed procedure in the United States. Though the evidence is still limited, it is our opinion that most cases of medical thoracoscopy with pleural biopsy and placement of a TIPC can be safely done in the outpatient setting.