Bipolar Disorder: Improving Diagnosis and Treatment

Matt A. Goldenberg, DO


June 02, 2015

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Because the diagnosis, treatment considerations, and ongoing medication management of bipolar disorder can be very delicate and nuanced, I recommend that you refer patients who may have this disorder for a consultation with a psychiatrist.

It can be terribly difficult for a patient to seek care for bipolar disorder. I am always pleased to share with them that many of my patients with bipolar disorder are extremely creative and successful. There is no reason why fear of a diagnosis should keep your patient from seeking a consultation with a psychiatrist and from getting the help that he or she needs. Counsel your patients that once their mood is stabilized, they will be able to wake up every morning and count on their mood being solid and no longer a roadblock to their success.

If you have a patient, family member, or a friend whom you think needs to get help with their mood, please share this article with them. The more we talk about mental health in the same way that we talk about physical health, the more we can decrease the stigma and shame that often impedes those in our communities from getting the help that they need.


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