Review Article

Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis – Bacteriology, Diagnosis, Treatment, Risk Factors and Prevention

J. B. Dever; M. Y. Sheikh


Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2015;41(11):1116-1131. 

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Literature Review

This article is intended for clinicians and other health care professionals for review, study and assistance with management of patients with SBP. The goal is to demonstrate changing bacterial isolates from ascitic fluid culture and to provide an up-to-date synopsis of diagnostic and treatment strategies for SBP. Literature in PubMed and Ovid MED-LINE (1966–2014) databases were reviewed. Emphasis was given to landmark studies and new research from the last 5–10 years. Data from 14 articles published in 2014 and 58 sources published since 2009 were included herein. No language restrictions were applied to the search. Key terms including MeSH headings were SBP, bacterial peritonitis, antibiotics, antibiotic resistance, ascites, paracentesis, microbiology, treatment and prophylaxis. Randomised controlled trials conducted for treatment of SBP were identified. Abstracts were not reviewed.