Comparison of Fluoro and Cine Coronary Angiography

Balancing Acceptable Outcomes With a Reduction in Radiation Dose

Ayhan Olcay, MD; Ekrem Guler, MD; Ibrahim Oguz Karaca, MD; Mehmet Onur Omaygenc, MD; Filiz Kizilirmak, MD; Erkam Olgun, MD; Esra Yenipinar, RN; Huseyin Altug Cakmak, MD; Dursun Duman, MD


J Invasive Cardiol. 2015;27(4):199-202. 

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Radiation doses, contrast use, and fluoroscopy times are lower in fluoroscopic LFH angiography than cine angiography. Intraclass variability of visual stenosis estimation between three operators was not different between cine and LFH groups. Four times higher radiation dose does not give any extra accuracy in the interpretation of coronary stenoses. Fluoroscopic LFH images conventionally have inferior diagnostic quality when compared with cine coronary angiography, but with new angiographic systems with improved LFH image quality, these images may be adequate for diagnostic coronary angiography.