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April 21, 2015

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Almost 20,000 physicians in 26 specialties took part in this year's Medscape Physician Compensation Report. Some notable findings:

  • Orthopedists ($421,000) and cardiologists ($376,000) are still the top earners among physicians.

  • Physicians in private practice earn significantly more ($329,000 for specialists) than do employed physicians ($258,000 for specialists), despite the trend toward employment.

  • Male physicians earn more ($284,000) than their female counterparts ($215,000); contributing factors include the fact that more women are concentrated in the lower-paying specialties.

  • North Dakota and Alaska ($330,000) are the top-paying states for physicians, while Rhode Island ($217,000) and Maryland ($237,000) are the lowest-paying.

  • 9% of physicians have concierge or cash-only practices, the same percentage as last year, while ACO participation continues to grow.

What do you think? Do any of the results of our report surprise you? Click here to view the overview report and then add your comments below.


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