A Novel Surgical Management for Male Infertility Secondary to Midline Prostatic Cyst

Gong Cheng; Bianjiang Liu; Zhen Song; Aiming Xu; Ninghong Song; Zengjun Wang


BMC Urol. 2015;15(18) 

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All operations were completed without conversion to open surgery. There were no severe complications such as rectal injury and urethral sphincter damage. The average length of hospitalization was 3 days. Serum sex hormone levels of all patients prior to and after surgery were within the normal range. The preoperative and postoperative semen parameters were shown in Table 1. After 3 months follow up, the semen quality of 80% patients (4/5) with oligoasthenozoospermia improved obviously. The spermatozoa were present in the semen in 5 of 7 cases with azoospermia. In one patient, the spermatozoa occurred in the urine after ejaculation.