Neuropathic Ocular Pain: An Important Yet Underevaluated Feature of Dry Eye

A Galor; RC Levitt; ER Felix; ER Martin; CD Sarantopoulos


Eye. 2015;29(3):301-312. 

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A PubMed search was conducted using the terms 'dry eye' AND 'nociceptive pain', 'neuropathic pain', 'sensitivity', 'hyperalgesia', 'allodynia', 'aesthesiometer', 'esthesiometer', 'quantitative sensory testing', 'environment', 'transient receptor potential (TRP)', 'neuropeptides', and 'genetics'. All searches were limited to the English language. Articles were excluded if they studied ocular pain associated with trigeminal neuralgia, contact lens use, or acute injury (eg, refractive surgery-related dry eye). All eligible articles were reviewed and summarized.