New Horizons in Testosterone and the Ageing Male

Tomás Ahern; Frederick C. W. Wu


Age Ageing. 2015;44(2):188-195. 

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The Effect of Testosterone Therapy on Mortality in Community-dwelling Men With Age-related Low Testosterone Levels is not Known

No sufficiently powered, prospective, long-term, interventional studies have been performed to assess whether testosterone therapy can prolong life. A meta-analysis of 51 comparative studies that involved men with low or low-normal testosterone levels and at least 3 months of testosterone therapy found no significant effect of testosterone therapy on mortality.[44] Two retrospective studies, performed after this meta-analysis, suggested that testosterone therapy may decrease mortality by 39–50% in men with chronic illness.[49,50] These results need to be treated with caution—both studies were retrospective in nature and as such are subject to significant treatment bias.