New Horizons in Testosterone and the Ageing Male

Tomás Ahern; Frederick C. W. Wu


Age Ageing. 2015;44(2):188-195. 

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Do Low Testosterone Levels Confer an Increased Mortality Risk?

Men with hypogonadism due to a disease known to affect the HPG axis usually have testosterone levels that are well below the normal reference range. Men with LOH, however, tend to have testosterone levels that are just below this range.[7] As described above, obesity and chronic illness appear to contribute to this LOH and these (and maybe other factors) may be the reason for adverse consequences and not the low testosterone level per se. This is illustrated by prospective studies that found that once the data were adjusted for obesity and chronic illness, age-related low testosterone levels were not associated with increased mortality,[28] unless a lower testosterone threshold (T < 8.36 nmol/l) was used.[29] The situation differs slightly for men at the upper extreme of age (aged >70) where some studies have shown an association between low testosterone levels with increased mortality and some have not.[30]