FISH in Triple-negative Breast Cancer: A Possible Strategy for the Future?

Elisa Rigon; Chiara Saggia; Valentina Rossi; Silvia Genestroni; Erica Gaudino; Paola Campisi; Claudia Veggiani; Renzo Luciano Boldorini; Oscar Alabiso


Future Oncol. 2015;11(7):1023-1026. 

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Our Experience

We conducted a prospective experience on samples classified as TNBC, analyzed by IHC and by FISH, in order to evaluate discordant cases between IHC and FISH and to enable patients misclassified as HER2-negative to receive an appropriate anti-HER2 therapy, with the consequential prognostic advantage. We report here the preliminary findings of this analysis.

Samples from 51 patients who underwent surgery for breast cancer at the Hospital Maggiore della Caritá (Novara, Italy) were collected from January 2011 to September 2014; these patients were classified as estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor and HER2-negative by IHC test. All the samples were analyzed by FISH from July 2012 to September 2014 in our molecular biology laboratory according to ASCO/CAP 2013 guidelines. A FISH-positive test was reported in 23.5% of patients; those who were classified as HER2-positive by FISH received trastuzumab in addition to the standard adjuvant therapy.

On these bases, we recommend that a dedicated anatomical pathologist should be present in each laboratory as this could help reduce the discordance observed between the IHC and FISH tests.