Management of Dual Diagnosis of Parkinson's Disease and a Mental Health Disorder

Jasmine Carpenter, PharmD, BCPS; Adepeju Awodipe, PharmD; Wendy Brown, PharmD, BCACP


US Pharmacist 

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Patients with a dual diagnosis of PD and an MH disturbance are a complex population to treat. The common challenges encountered when treating these patients include possible exacerbation of the MH condition and/or the PD symptoms, and DDIs between therapies. Because of these complexities, MH conditions in PD patients are often left untreated.[38] As a member of the multidisciplinary team, the pharmacist can play a key role in optimizing treatment of patients with this dual diagnosis by facilitating communication between neurology and MH professionals, providing education on DDIs, and assisting with treatment-regimen designs. Using this approach can ensure that each disease state is adequately treated, thereby improving patient outcomes and ultimately benefiting quality of life.