Anti-inflammatory Deficiencies in Neutrophilic Asthma

Reduced Galectin-3 and IL-1RA/IL-1 Beta

Peng Gao; Peter G Gibson; Katherine J Baines; Ian A Yang; John W Upham; Paul N Reynolds; Sandra Hodge; Alan L James; Christine Jenkins; Matthew J Peters; Jie Zhang; Jodie L Simpson


Respiratory Research. 2015;16(5) 

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In conclusion, this study demonstrates for the first time, that the sputum gal-3/gal-3BP and IL-1RA/IL-1β ratios are associated with neutrophilic asthma and may suggest impairment of anti-inflammatory mediator expression. The results support the molecular heterogeneity of asthma and provide a further framework for exploration into pathologic mechanisms of asthma phenotypes, important for the development of more effective treatment.