Evaluating Treatments and Corresponding Costs of Prostate Cancer Patients Treated Within an Inpatient or Hospital-based Outpatient Setting

Brian Seal; Sean D Sullivan; Scott Ramsey; Carl V Asche; Kenneth M Shermock; Syam Sarma; Erin Zagadailov; Eileen Farrelly; Michael Eaddy


Future Oncol. 2015;11(3):439-447. 

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Future Perspective

With new treatments that have entered the market and additional treatments that may enter the market in the near future, the PCa treatment landscape is rapidly evolving. As novel agents are prescribed and multi-modal therapy continues to increase, healthcare costs will continue to be of utmost importance in managing patients with metastatic and advanced PCa. As such, healthcare decision makers may become increasingly attentive to emerging treatment patterns, clinical pathways, sequencing and multi-modal therapy. Our study provides a baseline to which emerging treatment patterns and costs may be compared with.