Evaluating Treatments and Corresponding Costs of Prostate Cancer Patients Treated Within an Inpatient or Hospital-based Outpatient Setting

Brian Seal; Sean D Sullivan; Scott Ramsey; Carl V Asche; Kenneth M Shermock; Syam Sarma; Erin Zagadailov; Eileen Farrelly; Michael Eaddy


Future Oncol. 2015;11(3):439-447. 

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The results of our study demonstrate that the costs per encounter are consistent with previously published estimates; however, the emergence of multi-modal therapy in the outpatient and inpatient settings may result in greater costs of care in the future.

PCa is associated with a high economic burden in the USA. Several novel treatments for PCa have been recently approved or are entering the market in the near future. Since no studies to date have documented specific treatment patterns of care within both the hospital-based outpatient and inpatient setting, this study sought to describe treatments used and the associated cost of care for PCa patients who have received PCa-related treatment in these settings. In the inpatient setting, the most common treatment provided was hormonal therapy (69%). In the hospital-based outpatient setting, the most common treatment was radiation (76%). The total average cost per encounter for inpatient stays and outpatient visits was US$12,286 and US$4364, respectively. Nearly one in three encounters in an inpatient setting and one in five encounters in an outpatient setting were associated with the receipt of two or more treatments, signifying an emerging increase in multi-modal therapy.