Why Are We Not Screening for Anal Cancer Routinely

HIV Physicians' Perspectives on Anal Cancer and Its Screening in HIV-Positive Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Qualitative Study

Jason J Ong; Meredith Temple-Smith; Marcus Chen; Sandra Walker; Andrew Grulich; Jennifer Hoy; Christopher K Fairley


BMC Public Health. 2015;15(67) 

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The best method for anal cancer screening is still an area of uncertainty for HIV physicians in Australia. More evidence (e.g. of reduction in mortality and morbidity of anal cancer as a result of screening) may be needed for anal cytology and DARE before it is implemented. Inclusion of an annual DARE as targeted screening for HIV-positive MSM may not be easy to implement with multiple barriers needing to be addressed. Consideration may be given to self-examination and partner-examination as adjuncts to screening if issues of its reliability could be addressed and if partners would feel comfortable and competent to take on this role.