Medication and Supplement Use in Celiac Disease

Ashley N. Johnson, PharmD, BCPS; Angela N. Skaff, BS, PharmD Candidate; Lauren Senesac, PharmD Candidate


US Pharmacist. 2014;39(12):44-48. 

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Given the lack of validated resources to verify the gluten content of prescription and nonprescription medications, it is best to check with the manufacturer, especially since there may be conflicting information in what appears in published materials and what is provided by the manufacturer.[18] Utilizing PIs, contacting pharmaceutical manufacturers, and visiting websites can assist pharmacists in determining whether a medication potentially contains gluten.

For prescription medications, the PI should include a detailed listing of excipients; however, if this information is not readily available, the FDA provides drug labeling information for prescription and some OTC medications at DailyMed ( For nonprescription products, there often is nothing in the PI regarding gluten content, necessitating a call to the manufacturer for verification.

Manufacturer contact information may be located by checking the product or its packaging, conducting an Internet search using the manufacturer's name, or accessing drug-information resources (online databases) such as Clinical Pharmacology, Facts & Comparisons, and Martindale. When requesting information from a manufacturer, it is helpful to provide the lot number. Exploratory research by Mangione and colleagues concluded that information concerning the gluten content of nonprescription products is often readily available and easy to access if the manufacturer is contacted.[18]

Additionally, there are some websites that may assist pharmacists in identifying gluten-free products., which is maintained by a clinical pharmacist, contains a detailed chart listing selected brand and generic medications that are gluten-free, as well as those free of lactose or soy. (Note that this is not an all-encompassing list of products.) At, the Celiac Disease Foundation offers a variety of resources and provides information on the treatment of CD, tips on living gluten-free, and support-group contact information.