Treatment Decisions in a Man With Hodgkin Lymphoma and Guillian-Barré Syndrome: A Case Report

Caren L Hughes; Jeffrey T Yorio; Craig Kovitz; Yasuhiro Oki


J Med Case Reports. 2014;8(455) 

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Given the rarity of these syndromes, it is not completely known what effect, if any, paraneoplastic syndromes have on the overall prognosis of patients with HL. In this case, adjustments made to our patient's initial chemotherapy regimen may have decreased the effectiveness of the treatment; or the use of immunosuppressive agents such as immune globulin may have potentially stimulated growth of the lymphoma.[1] Since these treatment effects are unknown, it would be valuable to complete a comprehensive case series to estimate the impact of paraneoplastic syndromes and GBS on outcomes in patients with HL to help guide future treatment.