5% Minoxidil: Treatment for Female Pattern Hair Loss

Aditya K. Gupta, MD, PhD, FRCPC; Kelly A. Foley, PhD


Skin Therapy Letter. 2014;19(6) 

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Recent clinical trials of 5% minoxidil foam for the treatment of FPHL have demonstrated it to be safe and effective, with hair growth outcomes similar to that of the traditional 2% minoxidil solution.[11,12] Phase III clinical trials demonstrated that hair growth with once daily use of 5% minoxidil foam is noninferior to twice daily use of 2% minoxidil solution in women with frontoparietal hair loss.[10,12] Patient-reported improvement in hair volume and coverage appears to be greater with 5% minoxidil foam and once daily application does not substantially interfere with grooming routines.[10] Adverse events may occur with both 5% foam and 2% solution, but these rarely lead to discontinued use. Susceptibility to hypertrichosis may be individual-specific, and should be discussed with patients as a possible side-effect of minoxidil use.

It is suggested that 5% minoxidil be applied for 3–6 months before noticeable improvement can be observed.[8] While the results of clinical trials demonstrate a statistically significant increase in the total hair count, sometimes these results may fall short of patient expectations; therefore, patients need to be informed that individual results may vary even after 6–12 months of therapy.[4,16] Recent evidence demonstrates that a sulfotransferase enzyme test can successfully identify non-responders to minoxidil.[17] To our knowledge, this test is not commercially available. In addition, some patients may experience an increase in hair shedding, or at least continued hair loss, for the first few months and should be counselled accordingly.[4,16] When women experience improvement in hair growth, continued treatment is required or else improvement will likely be lost and hair loss will revert back to its natural course.[4,18]

Five percent minoxidil foam, applied only once daily, has the potential for milder side effects, improved compliance, and greater patient satisfaction with treatment. Indeed, the use of minoxidil as a treatment for FPHL has been shown to improve women's quality of life.[3] Additionally, 5% minoxidil foam provides an alternative option for women who do not wish to use, or who are unable to use, oral anti-androgen or hormonal contraceptive medications as hair loss treatments. The recent approval and availability of 5% minoxidil foam in Canada provides a safe and effective treatment for women with FPHL.