Obesity and Kidney Disease

Differential Effects of Obesity on Adipose Tissue and Kidney Inflammation and Fibrosis

Anne-Emilie Declèves; Kumar Sharma


Curr Opin Nephrol Hypertens. 2015;24(1):28-36. 

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Thus, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is an important cross-talk between adipose tissue and the kidney, especially in obesity-related kidney disease, although similar cross-talk is likely also important with diabetes and possibly hypertension-associated kidney disease. The use of systemic AMPK activation is likely to have profound effects on adipose tissue, which could contribute to the reduced inflammation and fibrosis observed in the kidney. Nevertheless, there are likely kidney-specific effects of AMPK activators as well. In addition, the use of systemic anti-inflammatory and anti-TGF-β antibodies likely also has profound effects on the adipose tissue, which are beneficial systemically and for the improvement in renal structure and function. In future studies, further understanding and elucidation of the key pathways linking adipose tissue to the kidney will suggest improved treatment approaches, which will likely have widespread application and implications for progressive CKD of many causes.