Nonamyloid PET Biomarkers and Alzheimer's Disease: Current and Future Perspectives

Lucas Porcello Schilling; Antoine Leuzy; Eduardo Rigon Zimmer; Serge Gauthier; Pedro Rosa-Neto


Future Neurology. 2014;9(6):597-613. 

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Though the field retains a focus on the investigation of Aβ deposition owing to current explanatory models, a growing body of studies using functional and molecular PET imaging suggest that the clinical evolution of AD is driven by downstream processes, with findings using radiotracers for hyperphosphorylated tau, cerebral glucose metabolism, neuroinflammation as well as for monoaminergic and related transmitter systems, shown to correlate with various cognitive and clinico-behavioral measures. Though much work remains, implementation of multitracer approaches using the biomarkers here reviewed may facilitate the refinement of current models, allowing for an improved understanding of AD pathophysiology.