Top 10 Practice Changers in Gastroenterology: 2014

David A. Johnson, MD


December 09, 2014

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ACG Clinical Guideline: The Diagnosis and Management of Focal Liver Lesions

Marrero JA, Ahn J, Rajender Reddy K; American College of Gastroenterology
Am J Gastroenterol. 2014;109:1328-1347

Is This Hepatic Cyst Significant?

Given the widespread use of radiologic abdominal imaging (try to get one of your patients through the emergency department without CT), focal liver lesions (FLLs) are not uncommonly mentioned in radiology reports, most often when the imaging was done for other reasons. This evidence-based approach was undertaken to critically review the available diagnostic tests and treatment options of FLLs. The guidelines offer 39 weighted recommendations for evaluation and management of cystic and solid lesions, based on the suspected diagnosis. This will be a must-read for clinicians and a quick "go-to" guide for appropriate management. Interested readers should also see a related recent review by Venkatesh and colleagues.[2]



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