Reader Poll: How Do You Feel About MOC?

November 17, 2014

In a study published online November 3 in JAMA Internal Medicine, physicians in focus groups agreed that the maintenance of certification (MOC) process is unnecessarily complex and is "of little benefit to physicians, patients, or society."

The issue has long been debated among those who see it as a way for physicians to prove they are keeping up with their field, those who see it as a necessary evil and part of being a physician, and those who see it as a waste of time and money with tighter requirements recently implemented and fees ranging from $1300 to $2800.

In the study, physicians in the focus groups were asked to identify the primary concerns of the process, including what are the barriers and enabling features associated with current MOC activities? And how can these activities be changed to more effectively accomplish the intended purposes of MOC?

Nearly all agreed that the practice performance section was the most frustrating and difficult.  


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