Physician Suicide 101: Secrets, Lies, and Solutions

Pamela L. Wible, MD

November 13, 2014

Psychological Autopsy #4: Pamela

Figure 10a. Pamela, age 2 years; Figure 10b. Pamela at her medical school graduation.

Pamela was a spunky, happy 2-year-old girl who stood up to adults negotiating her way out of a bedtime, a bath time, and persuading her dad to get Slurpees and candy bars for dinner. Life was good until her first year of medical school. Just a few months into med school, she develops major depression due to what she calls "barbaric and inhumane medical training." Years later, fed up with assembly-line medicine, she's suicidal. The only difference between these cases is that she survived, and she is now speaking for the other three who can't.

Figure 11. The author, Dr Pamela Wible.


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