Onychomycosis Clinical Considerations and Recommendations

Mickey Hart, PharmD Candidate 2015; Lynne Fehrenbacher, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID


US Pharmacist 

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Future Treatments

Several clinical trials related to onychomycosis treatment are ongoing. New dosage forms being investigated include nail lacquer and topical gel formulations of terbinafine as well as a patch formulation of terbinafine combined with ketoconazole.[18] Several topical formulations of entirely new drug candidates are also being explored. If any are shown to be effective, these formulations may represent clinically important alternatives to ciclopirox nail lacquer for patients who are unable to tolerate oral antifungals.

Newer antifungal agents without FDA indications for onychomycosis, such as oral posaconazole and topical luliconazole, are also being investigated. New nonpharmacologic methods are also being researched, including microdrilling techniques to be combined with topical antifungals as well as new laser devices and methods.[18]