Combating Depression With CAM

Désirée A. Lie, MD, MSEd


October 21, 2014

Case Presentation

Mrs Singh is a 45-year-old Asian Indian woman with two adult children. She is experiencing her first episode of mild clinical depression, following a divorce and transition into a new job as an administrator. She complains of 2 months of low mood; hyperphagia, with weight gain of 10 lb; difficulty falling asleep; and trouble concentrating at work.

There is no family history of depression, suicide, or other psychiatric morbidity. The patient is well supported by her siblings and parents, who live nearby. She enjoys cooking native Indian food for herself and her friends and family. She has no suicidal ideation and does not drink.

Mrs Singh takes a statin for hypercholesterolemia, but no other medications. She accepts her diagnosis of depression but is reluctant to take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) because of their potential side effects. Instead, she would like to try "something natural and nutrition- or hormone-based."


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